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Arielle Werblun

MS, LMFT #98526

I love what I do: Connecting with people.

As a therapist supporting those who struggle with high-functioning anxiety and self-defeating behaviors, I collaborate with my clients to get out of their own heads - and their own ways.

Together we will reflect, explore, and challenge any patterns that are no longer serving you to find ones that do.


It's time to start putting your needs first.


It's time to be compassionate towards yourself.



It's time to give your relationships the attention they deserve.

eating disorders

It's time to feel good in your own body.

Healthy Relationships
Eating Disorders
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Looking for some tangible tools to help you feel well?

Look no further!

My approach

is simple.

I believe the most beneficial therapeutic relationship is one in which you feel both validated and safe,

challenged and empowered.


Life isn't easy, and it feels more manageable

when we do it together.


I'm ready when you are!

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