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Agency: The Antidote to Trauma

You know the phrase, we are our own worst critics? That often worsens with the more adverse experiences we encounter. But, what if we chose to flip the script? To be our own biggest advocates?

"I'm damaged because of my trauma."

"I'm unlovable because they broke up with me."

"I'm irresponsible because I made this mistake."


Our experiences are not indicative of our worth.

Taylor Tomlinson jokes that she wouldn't be as funny or professionally successful without her trauma.

Jennifer Anniston didn't all of a sudden lose her title of America's Sweetheart when Brad broke it off.

Robert Downey Jr. wouldn't be the Oscar-winning, sober, family man he is today without acknowledging and working through mistakes.

You get the point.

We must be mindful to separate our self-worth from the more emotionally upsetting, or traumatic, experiences we've encountered. It is important to acknowledge that nasty, self-defeating thoughts are simply thoughts. They are indicators that we have wounds that must be tended to; needs that must be met with the insight we've gained and the agency we have - not indicators of our value.

Let's start hyping ourselves up rather than tearing ourselves down and see what happens.

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